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Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Good, Good Life

2015 WAS THE YEAR. Before saying goodbye to 2015, let's take a moment and remember all the bad hair days that were saved by hats this year. For me, that was pretty much every other day of the last three months. The best three months of my life. And not because of the hat. Although it did help a lot.

Sometime late July this year, I decided to make a change. It was much needed because I was afraid that I might pull a Sylvia Plath sooner or later. So I started taking risks, trying out new things (I got my eyebrows tinted!), and most importantly -- I started to believe in myself. And that changed everything. The rest you can read in my autobiography. (It's gonna be a good one.)

hat - Takko (the ONE AND ONLY in the whole wide world that fits my head)
sunglasses - H&M
faux fur - F&F
bag - Deichmann
boots - CCC


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