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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Chaos and the Calm

There are so many things going on in my head at the time of writing this post that I don't even know where to begin. I've found it extremely difficult to sit down and write because of my full-time internship and everything that comes with it. I could blog at the weekends, of course, but to be honest, by the time I leave the office on Friday, I just want to get away from all the work buzz: the clothes, my computer, the city, everything. And then I tend to find myself sitting by a lake. (I don't usually bring champagne.)

Working in an office is teaching me new things every day: not only about the fashion business and the mechanisms of a fast-paced work place (it's a steep learning curve), but it's also teaching me a lot about myself -- I think I'm starting to develop a new sense of self. I might devote a whole blog post to the topic in the near future, hoping that others go (or have gone) through the same and we can have a discussion about the ups and downs of professional and personal growth at the early stages of one's career.

Going with the idea of the changing sense of self, I've always thought of myself as a city girl. I enjoy walking in heels on the sidewalk, I like that there is a new coffee shop at every corner, and I love that there is always something to do. However, after all the hustle and bustle I have to deal with in Budapest each week these days, I'm beginning to appreciate the once hated quietness of my home town. 

The town I could not wait to move out of during my high school years, is now my island of peace. The lake my grandfather regularly goes fishing to, for instance, has a particularly special place in my heart. Maybe it's because I get to see him in his element, or because it's so calm out there that all my little intern nerves can have a break, I don't know, but I enjoy spending time there very much. (Still don't know what's the point of fishing "for fun", though.)

After the first contest went down so well -- I actually won that one, thanks for your support again --, the designers of Eva's Room kindly invited me again to participate in their second competition. The theme this time: the perfect summer day. 

Since this lake is so special to me, I thought it would be the perfect location for the photoshoot. And indeed, the pictures we took reflect my current idea of the perfect summer day: minimal makeup (which you can't see because I strategically chose a pair of Thinwood sunglasses), comfy, yet cool clothes, and a couple of hours spent at the lake. Sipping champagne is only the cherry on top, really.

So what do you think? Can you tell I was basically half drunk because I was drinking champagne at 10 AM in 35 °C heat?

I'm wearing: INQ top and pants * // Thinwood sunglassess * // LEANEA earring * // Jurekka bag * // Deichmann mules

Post in collaboration with Eva's Room and Gancia Pezsgőház.
Items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly lent to me by the designers for the sake of this outfit post.

photographed by my mother, edited by me

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