My name is Kinga, and I'm a 23-year-old fashion management student and recovering perfectionist based in Budapest, Hungary. I drink too much coffee, have a Pitbull trapped into the body of a 4 kg Maltese, tend to be ironic, and like to think that I have more sense than shoes. Oh, and hats almost never fit my head.

I moved to the city in September 2012 to study American culture, history and literature at university and lived a life full of books, essays and presentations. Fast forward to July 2015, when after graduation I realized that I needed something more hands-on. That's why instead of continuing my studies in the field, I decided to get into the fashion management program. It made perfect sense since fashion was something that I had always been fascinated by. So that’s what I’m doing now.

While I still get excited by a Sylvia Plath poem or an interesting fact about US history, I also get to brainstorm about marketing strategies, meet designers, intern and have brilliant mentors. Not to mention that by combining my knowledge and experience from my previous and current studies, I can approach fashion (and even life!) from a number of aspects -- which I love and find really useful.

When I’m not studying, working or interning, I enjoy spending time with my friends as we look for our next favorite café or food place in the downtown area. I also like reading, old movies, sitcoms, 80’s rock music, interior design, beauty and baking.

Besides fashion, writing has also played a significant role in my life ever since I was a kid, and one day in late December 2015, when I found myself in a desperate need of a creative outlet, I relaunched one of my old blogs. And that’s how According to Koko -- a documentation of style, thoughts and life -- was born. If you like it, please recommend it to your friends. If you don’t, to your enemies. 

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