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Who is Koko?

It's me. It's a nickname that I decided to use because "According to Kinga" just didn't sound right as a blog title. So I went with Koko.

What does a fashion manager do?

Basically, a fashion manager is someone who takes care of the business side of fashion, so the designer can solely focus on the creative process of creating clothes. A fashion manager may be responsible for sourcing, production, logistics, marketing, PR, or customer relations, for example.

Why did you decide to study fashion?

I had been interested in fashion from a very young age, but I never actually had the guts to pursue a career in it until I graduated in American Studies. By that time I was utterly fed up with sitting in the library all day and wanted something more hands-on. So I decided to give fashion management a try. And as they say... the rest is history.

'80s rock, really?

I do love me a little Guns 'n' Roses.

How did you develop an interest in slow fashion?

I used to be the textbook example of the impulse buyer, purchasing things out of boredom or treating myself to cheap clothing after a bad day to brighten my mood. However, the endorphin rush wouldn't last long, and I would experience guilt and frustration after every shopping spree because many of my impulse buys weren't even in line with my style. Eventually, I ended up having a wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear. 

Around the time of this "awakening", we started discussing the negative aspects of the fashion industry at school, and I quickly realized that I'm not only hurting my wallet, my personal style, and quite frankly, my mental health, but I'm also hurting fashion and the environment. So I did my research and deiced to do my part to make a difference.

If not fast fashion, then what?

Vintage, baby! And small brands. And hand-me-downs. I inherited my mom's Levi's jacket a couple of years ago and it will forever be a core piece of my wardrobe. I've grown to love clothes with history. I also have a thing for Hungarian designer items and hope to be able shop those clothes one day.

As someone who prefers slow fashion, do you still shop at fast fashion stores occasionally?

I do once in a while, but I always, always consider the longevity of my purchases. I may buy something here and there, but if I know I'm only going to wear the item once or twice, I'm not getting it. It's all about the cost per wear. 

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